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Certain kind of favors

20th Jan 2011, 4:14 AM

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Lanton - I'm just a humble servant of His Majesty, blessed with royal trust.
Lanton - {or I should say, "lacking in the cowardly slime that affects you all."}
[1st guest] - and trust has never been better placed than in someone of so many virtues that, also, he cultivates humility.
Lanton - {you rave too much about virtue, worthless man: I remember why you were admitted to my presence at the royal palace, a favor from your wife, to assure your social climbing.}
Lanton - {you raves too much about virtue worthless man. Should I had to remember why you are admitted to my presence at the royal palace? Granted the favor of your wife as a guarantor for your social climbing? the favor of your wife to assure your social climbing}
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